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Working to restore reefs with LINI Foundation

Our partners LINI have been working with six villages in Bali’s north coast to build thousands of artificial structures to support new coral reefs.

Each new reef is a home for fish and other marine animals to find food and raise their young - and we have been helping to plant the first corals!

Les Village in Tejakula includes two sites for the Indonesia Coral Reef Garden program, which is part of the Balinese government’s new social economic recovery plan in the marine sector.

Yunaldi Yahya, the ICRG Program Coordinator in Buleleng, from the LINI Foundation, said residents were enthusiastic to join the program because of the impact of the pandemic.

Each structure is plunged to a depth of at least 10 meters. “If it’s less than that it could be destroyed by the current,” said Yunaldi.

The materials have enabled residents to build structures in various shapes, such as earth pegs, fish domes, rotibuaya and fish statues. He encourages creativity whilst following the requirements for each structure to be a maximum height of 1.5 meters and 1 meter wide.

Corals are monitored routinely to analyse growth and survival rates as well as measuring the biodiversity of the reefs and looking for naturally recruited corals which are a sign of healthy reefs starting to self populate.

The reefs and corals in the above video are only days old and are already attracting a wide variety of reef fish species.

Please consider adopting a coral to help support further coral planting on these new reefs.